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-2020年 11月 第7回 マガジンランド 手芸&クラフト展, 日本アートクラフト協会賞
-2020年 1月 第6回 マガジンランド 手芸&クラフト展, 第三位
-2019年12月 Fusion Art 2nd Annual “Into the Wild” International Art Competition, 特別賞
-2018年 6月 Catit International Cat Art Contest, Mixed Media, 第一位
-2015年 8月 The “All Animals” Competition of Contemporary Art Gallery, 3D Media, 第一位
-2014年10月 ArtAscent “Pets” International Competition, 優秀アーティスト賞

Lily is an artist based in Tokyo, who creates sculptural work out of wool fiber by needle felting. She was a lecturer of chromatics (color science) at educational institutions such as Designer Gakuin College and the Vantan Design Institute for almost a decade. After her marriage, she discovered needle felting and was enchanted by the art of felting. Through years of trial and error, she acquired deeper knowledge and techniques regarding needle felting through self-education.
She has created many needle felted animals, mainly cats and dogs. Her creations have been enjoyed by hundreds of fans all over the world. At times, her felted creations help heal people after the demise of their beloved pets. People who have seen her creations commented on how realistic the fur looks and how cute the faces are. Both of these are the key features of her work. Lily’s professional experience with color influences the subtle shades of color in her work.
She developed her original method of felting long fibers which creates a distinct personality of her soft sculptures. Her tutorials on needle felting have been published for both beginners and professionals.


-Japan Art Craft Association Award, the 7th Magazineland Handicrafts Contest , November 2020.
-The 3rd Place, the 6th Magazineland Handicrafts Contest , January 2020.
-Honorable Mention Award, Fusion Art 2nd Annual “Into the Wild” International Art Competition, December 2019.
-The 1st Place in Mixed Media, Catit International Cat Art Contest, June 2018.
-The 1st Place in 3D Media, the “All Animals” Competition of Contemporary Art Gallery, August 2015.
-Distinguished Artist Award, ArtAscent “Pets” International Competition, October 2014.